Traffic Performance of Freeways and Signalized Intersections in Contra Costa County

What is this dashboard about? Every other year since 1991, the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA) has published a review of its Congestion Management Program (CMP), in compliance with California Government Code - Chapter 2.6 [65088- 65089.10]. The below dashboard summarizes the outcomes of the reports since 2017, which includes the Level of Service (LOS) scores for key and in the county.
What is Level Of Service? LOS is a qualitative measure to categorize the traffic performance ranges from A (good) to F (poor).
What is next if the performance of a segment of a freeway or an intersection is poor? The adopted LOS standard is LOS E with the exception of LOS F for freeway segments and intersections that operated at LOS F in 1991. When the LOS value at an intersection exceeds the CMP adopted standard, additional count data are collected, and additional performance evaluations are investigated in a special “exclusions study” as mandated. If a facility is found to exceed the adopted LOS standards even after conducting the exclusion study, then the intersection is subject to a deficiency plan.

2023 Level of Service (LOS) AM time period