511 Contra Costa Programs

511 Contra Costa strives to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by providing the public with information, resources, and tools that promote mobility options beyond driving alone. Programs are offered by three regional offices, one serving Central and East County, and one each for West County and Southwest County. (View agencies' coverage)
We track the progress of our 511CC initiatives via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The following KPIs will be updated throughout the year.

Ongoing Programs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital metrics that organizations use to evaluate and measure their performance in various aspects of their operations. The KPIs below have been selected by CCTA for tracking their initiatives. These services are available year round, countywide.
Commute Incentives Issued in 2022
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
121BOGO / Take10 - Transit passes
848Try Transit - Preloaded Clipper cards
422Vanpool incentives
47Secure Your Cycle - Preloaded BikeLink cards
Ebike Rebates Issued since 2020
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
957$150 Standard Rebates
241$300 Low Income Rebates
133$500 Charge Up Contra Costa Rebates
Guaranteed Ride Home Registered Users
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
1,238Registered Users--
40Reimbursements issued in 2022--
Commute Coach Consultations
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
85Average annual trip planning consultations--
Employer Services
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
39Employer and Green Business Consultations, 2022--

Seasonal Promotions Return to top

Seasonal promotions are limited in duration, usually no more than 6 months. Seasonal promotions are offered countywide unless where indicated.
2023 Summer Bike Challenge participants registered
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
1,867E-mail engagements--
1,050Participant photos submitted--
57In-person table events--
2023 Winter Walk Challenge participants registered
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
2,969E-mail engagements--
2,504Participant photos submitted--
2022 Discover & Go Clipper cards issued
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
506Clipper cards issued, in partnership with CCC Library for free transit to museums--
2023 Bike to Work Day Energizer Stations sponsored by 511 Contra Costa
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
24Stations in Central and Eastern Regions--
10Stations in West County--
3Stations in Southwest Region--
Ride4Free passes
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
2711-month Tri Delta Transit passes, offered in East Contra Costa--

Youth Focused ProgramsReturn to top

Street Smarts Diablo Bicycle-Pedestrian Safety Education Program Schools Served
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
6,780Bike helmets distributed (total) since 2012--
804Bike helmets distributed, 2022-23 School Year--
44Current events scheduled, Fall 2023 Semester-
42Safety Assemblies, 2022-23 School Year-
11Walk & Roll to School Day events, 2022-23 School Year-
2023 Pass2Class bus passes issued
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
2,242Tri Delta Transit 20-ride passes--
2,080County Connection 2-month flash passes--
1,402AC Transit 31-Day Passes --
474WestCat 31-Day Passes--
2023 Summer Youth Bus Pass
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
236Discounted 3-month flash passes issued--
2023 SchoolPool participants
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
399Back to School carpool promotion --

Public OutreachReturn to top

511 Contra Costa outreach is designed to keep transportation alternatives top of mind with residents. 511CC conducts in-person events for employers and commuters, produces a monthly e-Newsletter that shares out program and incentive information, and has a robust social media presence.
Monthly Newsletter subscribers
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
40Newsletter open rate (%)--
Website: Monthly page views
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
225Average daily unique page views--
Social media followers
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
1,345Social Media posts in 2022--
Community Outreach Events Attended / Tabled
ValueKey Performance Indicator (KPI)LinksNote
75Total Events Attended / Tabled--