Data and Maps: Traffic Safety and Congestion Management Countywide

CCTA and its regional partner agencies are using real-time traffic data to help manage congestion on county roadways. This website shares some of the key data that informs CCTA’s decision-making around transportation challenges. It also provides tools for you to make informed decisions about how and when you travel.

Traffic Safety at CCTA: Countywide Vision Zero

Safe travel for all is the top priority at CCTA. Alongside our local partners, we have developed the framework for Vision Zero, which views transportation-related fatalities as preventable, not inevitable. The data shown here is the basis for our work to ensure the well-being of travelers of all ages and abilities, including people walking and bicycling.
Delve into the realm of traffic analysis by comparing the incident data from the current month with the previous quarter. The heatmap background represents the previous quarter's incidents. The circles represent last month's incidents with the color being the incident severity and size representing incident duration. Click on any incident (circle) for details.
This comparative exploration allows us to discern patterns, trends, and noteworthy shifts in traffic conditions. This proactive approach ensures that our congestion management strategies evolve and adapt to the dynamic nature of transportation, ultimately resulting in enhanced commuting experiences for all.

Congestion in Contra Costa County

We empathize with the frustration caused by congestion, which is why we are vigilant in monitoring traffic patterns.
Using the map below, we can gain valuable insights into the extent of traffic volume by looking at the total distance traveled by vehicles within the county during the current month. This metric provides an understanding of the overall traffic load and its impact on the road network. Armed with this knowledge, we can develop strategies to optimize traffic flow and alleviate congestion hotspots.
Identifying the specific time periods and days of the week when traffic congestion reaches its peak is crucial in planning your travel efficiently. You can make informed decisions regarding the timing of your trips, helping you avoid the busiest times and potentially reducing your commute time. Travelers can also visit 511 Contra Costa for real-time road condition updates.

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Congestion has become a regular part of our lives in the Bay Area. To provide a comprehensive perspective, our map visualizes congestion levels on major highways across the entire county.
This data serves as a key indicator of congestion levels and helps us assess the effectiveness of our congestion management measures. If we don't like what we see, we can pivot and develop more targeted strategies to improve traffic flow during critical times of the day.